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Our mission at The H2OMAX Company is to bring the breakthrough <33TM hydration technology to the world.

Tireless work and effort have been spent over the past many years by <33, university professors and research scientists in order to determine and quantify the benefits of this revolutionary hydration technology. A clinical trial conducted in 2018 has conclusively shown that 80% of athletes did not experience any decrease in blood plasma volume when drinking H2OMAX treated water, during the strenuous 90 minutes on a stationary bike in an advanced (hot) environmental chamber. This means that those athletes did not experience any dehydration during the trial.

Seeing these results, we knew that we had to bring this technology to market. So, we created a world class company with extraordinary customer focus, dedicated engaged employees, strong business relationships, sound ethics, and efficient business processes.

It is well known that a large percentage of the general population does not drink enough water and is consistently dehydrated at some level. We have heard from many people who are not athletes, that they have a difficult time drinking enough water every day. Due to the extraordinary potential of our products and the important benefits, we will later expand our focus to the general public.

The findings of the clinical trials in 2018 were unequivocal and breakthrough: <33 technology provides superior hydration as proven by the increased blood plasma volume levels measured in the athletes when drinking the treated water during strenuous exercise. For that reason, we believe that H2OMAX products are the first step to revolutionizing human hydration.

Join the water revolution!TM

Dear H2OMAX,
I wanted to write to thank you again for your warm greeting at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead last weekend, and for the introduction to your H2O Max Hydration Bead and H2O Max Hydration Sticker Pack.

As you know, I purchased the H2O Max hydration bead, as well as the H2O Max Hydration Sticker, one day before I raced in Ironman 70.3 Steelhead.  I'd like to share with you the experience I had with your product. 

To put my experience in perspective, I should offer a bit of background.  I have been racing triathlon for the past decade as an age-grouper. I started in shorter Xterra off-road races, culminating ultimately in my participation in the Xterra World Championship in 2016.  Since 2016, I have been racing Ironman. Ironman races have been a challenge for me in a different way than other races. One main problem: I sweat heavily. At 6'2" and 166 pounds, the loss of water affects me severely over long course races like Ironman.  A heavy sweat rate leads to dehydration and severe cramping. This in turn puts the brakes on any chance of performing to my ability.  

Over the years, I have made many adjustments to combat dehydration.  I ride a Ventum tri bike with a built in 1.5 liter water bladder and three separate on-board water bottles.  I have experimented in training and in races with dozens of products aimed at curing my problem - electrolyte drinks like Osmo, Heed Sport, EFS, SIS, and Infinit to name a few.  I have used specialty products that address dehydration and cramping on the basis of different theories - Hotshotz for calming 'twitchy' nerves; Pickle juice in the hope that sodium loading is the answer to dehydration; AMP topical gel for delivery of sodium bicarbonate to muscles through the skin; and coconut water and dates for an all-natural approach to fuel and hydration.  None of these approaches have offered a solution. Despite training at a high level and with a club that boasts Kona qualifiers and one Kona age group podium, I fall apart at races because I cannot control the extreme, virtually debilitating cramps I suffer over a long course endurance event. While I have never failed to finish a race that I have entered, I have had a number of very poor results in Ironman races, and I have never felt free to swim, bike or run at anything close to my maximum.  Moreover, I have suffered some severe consequences from dehydration, including hospitalization with rhabdomyolysis last year. The challenge of overcoming dehydration has been so daunting that going into the 2019 calendar year, my wife and I decided that this might be my last year for Ironman. 

Given this background, it should not be surprising that I was interested in your product when I heard about it.  That said, considering the dozens of products and theories I have investigated and experimented with, it should also come as no surprise that I didn't have any expectations going into race day at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead.  I resolved to use the H2O Max hydration bead and sticker, but I didn't hang my hopes on it. After all, nothing has ever worked for me.

I raced Ironman Steelhead using the H2O Max Hydration bead in my bike water bottle, and using the H2O Max Hydration Sticker in my hand water bottle on the run.  At aid stations I would refill the bottles and wait a few minutes for the water to come in contact with the H2O max technology.

As you know from our post-race discussion, Ironman 70.3 Steelhead was the first iron or half-iron distance race I have completed without suffering severe (or any) cramping.  I don't know how to describe the experience in a way that would do justice to it. It was a breakthrough. I have become so conditioned to suffering from fluid loss and dehydration that I didn't know what to do when I found myself feeling fresh and strong throughout the race.  Both during and after the race, I experienced a difference. In fact, post-race at Steelhead was the first time I have ever been able to sit down and have a chat with my wife immediately after a finish. I have become so used to going to the medical tent, or being forced to stand for hours while I slowly rehydrate and calm the excruciating cramps in my quads, calves, toes, and stomach that I didn't know what it was like to take in the race and enjoy the afterglow.

In the three days since the race, I have dropped my routine of drinking 3 - 4 liters per day of electrolyte infused water, and I have instead simply continued to use the hydration bead with my water.  I had a restful night of sleep after the race, with no midnight cramps to wake my wife, and I have been able to get back to training quickly and with very few race effects. I am sore from the race, but I am not depleted in the way I have typically been.

You did a wonderful job on the weekend of the race explaining the basic principles behind H2O Max, and I credit you, and your enthusiasm for convincing me to try the product.  Ultimately, it was a revelation for me. I have ordered two more beads and several stickers.  

I owe you my sincerest thanks for your product and for your time.  I am so appreciative of both. If I can offer any help to you in the future, I hope you will call on me.  Please thank your entire family for me. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife, and I believe in the efficacy and unique quality of your H2O Max products. I am hopeful that more athletes like me will learn about these products.  

I have attached a photo from the race, to help you put a name with a face.  Thank you again.

All the best,
Christopher D. P.
I got the chance to try out H2OMAX technology and immediately noticed that my level of hydration was higher when using the tech without increasing the amount of water I drank. H2OMAX has helped me greatly in staying hydrated and minimizing muscle soreness during workouts. While it helps during strength training where I feel I now have more energy I notice the largest impact on long cardio or interval training.
2nd Lieutenant Cameron G.,
Army National Guard
I have been given an H2OMAX bead to try for a while now. As I started to get into more rigorous training with the Army, I noticed I could not keep up with the amount of water I was losing.

Most nights, I would wake up to cramps in my calves due to dehydration. As much as I'd like to say I drink 64 ounces a day, I don't. I usually drink 2 to 3 glasses of my water bottle. Some days I drink more water than most, but there was a common theme. Every morning I would still wake up very dehydrated. However, once I started using the H2OMAX bead in my water bottle, I began to sweat profusely and noticed I wouldn't wake up with cramps in my legs. With that after a while, I didn't see how well it was affecting my body until I stopped taking it for a few weeks. I noticed I was always thirsty because my body was no longer getting enough water that it needed.

While using the technology, I have also seen that it helps with muscle soreness after a hard workout, and I have the energy for a long cardio intense workout. During our 12-mile ruck marches, I no longer feel my legs starting to cramp. By then end of the march, I feel great, mostly sweaty but I do not feel as tired or drained like most of my fellow soldiers. During the one-mile obstacle course and ruck run at one of my training events, I felt like I had enough energy to get me through. With as much as I was sweating in 80 degree weather, I did not feel like I was getting close to dehydration. My skin has become very clear; I have not changed anything to my diet or regular day to day activity. Even on the days I know I had only a few glasses of water with the bead, I still wake up hydrated and energized.

SPC Bernadette S., MI Combat Engineer,
United States Army
For my first experience using the H2OMAX I felt a significant increase in my energy level. After each game I played and through our resting periods I was itching and raring to go while my teammates need the breaks to get ready for the next game. I also saw my pee color was a better color than normal.

After my ACL surgery, I have been using my H2OMAX to stay hydrated during my recovery and has been helping me a lot.
Enrique P., CT
I would recommend this product to anyone who works out regularly or has problems staying hydrated.

I was skeptical about how effective the H20Max could be. The first time I tried it, I went to the gym with it in my shaker bottle. I noticed that I didn't need to drink as much water to feel hydrated. I thought it could have been a placebo effect. The next time I went to the gym I chose not to use the H20Max and I felt myself drinking water more than the previous day.

I still wasn't totally positive that the H2OMAX was responsible. I take a high stimulant pre-workout that normally dehydrates me. I added the H20Max to my blender bottle with water and let it sit overnight. I mixed my pre-workout with the treated water and this time it was different. I was not thirsty after drinking it.

I wanted to test one more thing, however, to secure my thought about H20Max. Whenever I did leg lifts, my core would immediately cramp up and I would experience muscle spasms. I knew this was due to dehydration. I went to the gym and did the exercise after drinking water with the H2OMAX and I was able to complete the exercise without cramping or spasms. That's when I knew this product worked.
Ryan K., CT
Manager of a national fitness club facility and strength training enthusiast
I am far from being an athlete, I am a mom of four who considers herself happy when she doesn't miss her weekly yoga class. So, I can't comment on how H2OMAX has helped my sports performance and recovery, but I can comment on how I feel after having switched my water drinking habits to H2OMAX-treated water.

I simply can't manage to drink the recommended 80oz of water per day, I drink about 40oz. That hasn't changed, but I feel that I get more hydration out of the 40oz I do drink. I simply feel better, I think my urine is generally clearer; I have very dry skin and the most tangible change is that my skin has become less dry. I feel H2OMAX makes a difference and I will continue to use it. Claire T., MI
As an old man that loves golf, I can't really classify myself as an athlete. What I can say is before trying the H2OMAX product, I was plagued with leg and foot cramps almost every time I golfed. This would often bring me out of bed at night in the attempt to stretch those cramps out.

After hydrating with H2OMAX treated water for two days, I played my first post treated round of golf recently. I could tell before leaving the back nine, my legs and feet felt better. No night cramps at all which was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks H2OMAX. Nothing I've tried to date has solved my cramping. Your product seems to have fixed the issue overnight. Simply amazing.

If under hydration appears to be your problem, I would highly recommend you try this product.

I golfed last weekend and told you the results. Played twice last week and forgot to drink H2OMAX treated water. Both days my legs and feet hurt all over and I twitched and cramped like usual.

Last night, I drank about a quart of H2OMAX treated water, the same this morning.

I played again today and tonight, no twitching or cramps. I was still a little skeptical even after the success last weekend. Tonight seals the deal! Marc F., MI
I started running marathons in the last few years after spending my entire life involved with a variety of sports. As an athlete, hydration and nutrition is critical but when marathon training it takes it to another level because you train for hours without access to hydration. During the summer I trained on many hot and humid days. Upon returning from my long runs I got throbbing headaches to the point where I could not do a thing aside from sit on my couch in the dark. During my training runs I was often thirsty and felt depleted of electrolytes. I was unable to stay ahead of what my body needed based on energy expenditure and sweat.

Then I found H2OMAX. Initially, I was very skeptical. I could not fathom how a sticker on the outside of my water bottle could impact hydration and my training. I am open to trying new things so I decided to try it. It was a true test - the Chicago marathon. I drank water from a bottle with a H2OMAX sticker for the entire weekend before running. Throughout the day leading into the marathon I felt more hydrated than I'd felt in a long time. I ended up having the best race of my life. I felt great the entire race. I held back at points in order to avoid hitting the inevitable "wall" every runner experiences, however, I never hit the "wall." I felt as though I could have kept running after finishing. Moreover, I did not get a headache post race and I was able to enjoy my weekend in Chicago.

After the race I walked around and my body felt good and hydrated. I recovered quickly and was hitting the road running again within two days. This is the first time I have felt so good after a marathon. My PR in this race was due to diligent training but also nutrition and hydration. Everything must be in check to achieve peak performance. I believe H2OMAX contributed to my success in the Chicago marathon. This product really can help athlete. It simple and natural and does not entail putting powder in your drink. This saves on digestion and the stomach! I recommend this to everyone. It does make a difference. Give it a try- I promise you won't regret it!

Thanks again for this! I've been using the bead and sticker constantly and feel amazing! Brittany W., MA